Everyday carpet care

Everyday Carpet Care

Carpets and rugs add warmth to a home, both in reality and perception.  They also can be one of the most damaging things in your home when looking at resale value and aesthetics. Whether carpet covers an entire home, just a section or is limited to rugs, it is necessary to take care of it.

Carpets and rugs take a beating.  We walk on them, play on them, eat on them, and store things on them.  Pets walk, sleep and shed on them. Kids spill water, juice, cereal, soda and chips on them.  We track mud, dirt and grass across them.  Life brings dust and outside air onto it.  Fumes from cooking settle deep inside.  We push furniture across it, play games and have sleepovers on it.  They are the most used and abused element in the house.  They demand attention. There are a few things we can do to increase longevity and appearance.

The average carpet traps and holds it’s own weight in dirt and grime.  The largest percentage of trapped  dirt and grime is dry.  Almost 80% of all carpet care is done though proper vacuuming.  This is the first step in preventative carpet care.

The best vacuums come with brushing action.  This removes the majority of the dirt and grime left near the surface and the daily use prevents much of that to get trapped further in the carpet fibers.  But not all dirt and grime is removed through simple vacuuming.

Walking across carpets or rugs causes the dirt to be pushed deeper into the carpet.  This dirt isn’t easily removed by everyday vacuuming. Sand is particularly hard on carpet, acting as sandpaper to the carpet fibers, causing them to wear down and lose their strength.   Grime, the wet and oily mess that gets into your carpet, clings to each fiber, preventing even the powerful suction of a vacuum to remove it.

When vacuuming falls short of clean, it may be necessary to do a deeper cleaning.  Carpet cleaning is a highly popular and effective way to clean carpets.  Many vacuums come with attachments to do this yourself.  Carpet cleaners can also be rented at most grocery or hardware stores.  For the deepest clean, hiring a professional to clean may be the best option long term.  They have the ability to clean much deeper than a simple carpet cleaning system can do.  There is a variety of options for carpet cleaning if you determine this is necessary.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Vacuuming has the highest value in preventative carpet care over any other form of cleaning. It extends the life of carpet and also helps keep the warm, inviting atmosphere carpets and rugs are known to create.

Here are a few tips on vacuuming tips:

  • Maintain your vacuum for optimal efficiency.
  • Inspect your vacuum’s belts, brushes, wheels and cords, looking for damage and wear.
  • Change your vacuum bag when it is half full. Filling it up prevents some of the suction power.
  • Keep your filter system clean. Clogged filters push dust right back into the air.  They also could cause your vacuum to overheat, causing a bigger problem than just dust.
  • Replace HEPA filters once every six months.

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