History of Carpet

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Well here it is, our first post on carpet! and of course we wouldn’t represent if we didn’t give you some history! Here ya go!

The History of Carpet in the United States

Have you ever wondered how carpet got its start? Today I would like to give you a brief history of where the carpet you have in your home came from.

It all began in 1791, a man named William Sqrague started the very first woven carpet mill. After he began, other mills followed suite.

Of course, where new ideas spring up so do other people who want to continue to advance the world. In 1839, Erastus Bigelow came along and completely changed the industry. He invented the power loom for weaving carpet. Of course you can imagine that  the carpet production doubled the first year and tripled shortly there after. Bigelow continued to be an innovator and received 35 different patents.

As the years went by, other people saw the potential with making carpet and earning an income. The first carpets closely resembled oriental rugs with the intricate designs. From there a lady named Catherine Evans Whitener created a hand made bedspread. Of course, bedspreads continued to grow in popularity. Which led to the first tufting machine. By 1950, only a few carpets were tufted and most were woven.  But then all of a sudden, everyone began to see the value. Now there were man-made fibers, new techniques and equipment. Now tufted products are the norm 90% and less than 2% are woven. The tufting industry exploded and was over a $100 million dollar industry. By the 1960’s it became a billion dollar industry.

With all this carpet becoming more popular and affordable, the need for cleaning it arrived. Early rugs were put outside and beat with a wooden stick to get them clean. Thus the first cleaning machines were invented. In 1860 Daniel Hess invented the “Carpet Sweeper” it had rotating brushes. By 1869 Ives McGaffey patented the whirlwind. This machine was a sweeping machine with no motor. 1901 arrived and H. Cecil Booth built a large engine-powered vacuum cleaner It was so big it had to be pulled on a cart, with a large hose that was attached and brought into buildings to clean the carpet. By 1907 a smaller electric version was created and in 1908 William H. Hoover purchased the patent rights for his vacuum. This set the standard for all upright cleaners and the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Company began!

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